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Enchanted Portals is expected to release on the PC and Nintendo Switch. Studio MDHR has yet to comment on the trailer. We’ll let you know if and when a comment is made, as well as if anything Enchanted Portals is a 2D platformer indie game with some spunky young magic users. If you enjoy platform games like Cuphead and Leilani’s Island, then I think you’ll also dig Enchanted Portals. Platform are always a great escape from the bigger games that can sometimes overcomplicate things.

Enchanted portals igg

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enchantedportals. cuphead enchanted penny portals enchanted_portals cupheadindontdealwiththedevil bobby crossover cuphead_oc. Popular All Time. Cuckhead.

The Enchanted Portals-Cuphead Controversy refers to a series of critical comparisons between the 2017 video game Cuphead and the upcoming video game Enchanted Portals. Many have noted the similarities in animation and gameplay styles, leading many to accuse Portals of copying ideas from Cuphead.

2019-10-09 Enchanted Portals is currently getting ready for their Kickstarter campaign and now that most of the gaming community sees it in action, I wonder how many will decide to back the project. Ever since we started development of Enchanted portals we've been deeply passionate about it, and as you can see we had many more ideas that would be part of our dream scope for the game.

Enchanted portals igg

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Enchanted portals igg

Sep 6, 2019 Enchanted Path is a fun and unique puzzle game in which you must control a man who is traveling through a series of enchanted portals!
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23,009 likes · 2 talking about this. Enchanted Portals is a cooperative 2D platformer made by Xixo Games Studio, a Spanish studio of two people.

2019-10-12 2020-07-21 Kickstarter for Enchanted Portals for Switch/PC, most blatant Cuphead clone ever. User Info: MushroomMuncher.
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Enchanted Portals has you covered. This is something we have talked about a couple of times over on Indie Pod -a podcast all about indie games- and wanted to know a little bit more about.

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